The Rubylounch, Manchester UK
Start 0900 PM
Entrance 10,-


Stormtrooper (Industrial Strength, Mokum, Rebel Scum) +
Matt Green (Corrupt, Epileptik) +
Simon Underground (Underground Music) +
Frog Pocket (Noizetek, Planet-Mu, Mouthmoth) +
Gum Takes Tooth (Endtyme, Tigerblast) +
Vinyl Vandal (Noizetek, Wobby) +
Speedcore Industires (Speedcore Industries) +
Drugzilla (D-trash, Splatterkore) +
Joe ET B2B Dave Enigma (Oblivion) +
Hatewire Vs Krackfox (Noizetek, Rigormortis, Atomic Anihilation) +
Skat Injector ( Hirntrust Grind Media, Free Thinker's Union)


The Teknoist (Ninja Columbo, Ad Noiseam, Pklanet Mu) (Special one off Dj Set) TBC +
The Untitled (Speedcore Industries, T.I.T) +
Monster X (Mutant Sniper, Tigerbeat6) +
TechDiff (Brothers In Blood) +
Macheen Boi (Ninja Columbo) +
Gore-Tek (Marionette) 
Meatsweeper (Sindrome) +
Drilly Wonka (Sindrome) +
Kromazone (Sindrome)

10-06-2011 / Noise Disaster

10-06-2011   // Noise Disaster

Roma Terror Klan presents:


10/06/11 Blackout, ROME IT
Start 10 PM, Entrance 10 Euro



03-09-2009 / New mix up

03-09-2009   // New mix up!

SMACK MIX 8: The Occultist - King Cut

Again another fuckin awesome hardcore/drum 'n bass/turntablism/hip hop mix from Harns!
We proudly present to you SMACK MIX 8: The Occultist - King Cut.
Check out the Mixes section!

SMACK008: The Occultist - Harlingen Memories

10-05-2009  // Yes yes, finally after almost a year of silence, a new smack records release;

SMACK008: The Occultist - Harlingen Memories

Oldskool hardcore breakbeat tracker stuff.
All tracks programmed in Harlingen between 
2007 and 2009 using Renoise.

Still Number One
Always On The Run
Crate Digging (remake of Osdorp Posse - Gangsterdam) 
The Rythm
Scratch Session (remake of Overcast - Scratch Session)
Steady (remake of Nasenbluten - Let The Dogs Go) 
One Time

All scratching by The Occultist.
Also check out these two mixes by The Occultist:

25-05-08 / New Stuff

25-05-08 // New Stuff

SMACK007: The Untitled - Chants Of Dissonance

6 Tunes Classical versus Speedcore.
Available in the Releases section.

12-03-08 / New Stuff

12-03-08 // New Stuff

SMACK006:International Smackdown 2

Yes finally some new stuff here from the Sociapathic Musicians who are Altering Caged Kaos.
It took some time but we're back with a new International Smackdown, this time a more ambient, breakbeat, drum'n bass, industrial orientated release. -Easy listening-
Check the Releases.

But there is more...

SMACK MIX 007:The Untitled - Live at Radio

For the SMACK Mixes this time an outraging speedcore mix.
This is a recording of a live act done by The Untitled, using Abelton Live and several midi-controllers.
Broadcasted in Infared's radioshow on Radio on the 17th of October.
And performed by The Untitled at Northern Rebels Alliance, Iduna Drachten. 
Check the Mixes.

08-11-07 / New Mix

08-11-07 // New Mix

SMACK MIX 666: The Occultist - Smack Radio 3

Smack Records presents hardcore drum 'n bass turntablism by The Occultist to complete the Smack Radio trilogy. Recorded October 2007. Check the mixes section for tracklist and download.

17-09-2007 / Update

17-09-2007 // Update

-New release SMACK005: Nano.strike vs. The Untitled
-Smack Records 1 year anniversary [ 03-09-07 ]

06-05-2007 / News

06-05-2007 // News

Finally, after a few months of (re-) organising, restyling of the website, producing, mixing etc. 
We're making one hell of a comeback.
As you can read in the update of 20-03-07 we planned to do a release with foreign producers. This took some time to find good material for the release, and getting in touch with the guys who produced it.
But with the smack-rec website coming online again after a huge restyle, we thought it would be a great idea to launch the next release of smack records as well as a new smackmix with it;

VA SMACK REC. 004 - International Smackdown

A release done by producers from abroad only;
Infared [UK ], Intergalactik Purifier [Belgium ], Okcid [Russia ], Prima T [France ]
Check the Releases section for the terror / breaks and speedcore orientated SMACK004.

SMACK MIX 005: The Occultist - Smack Radio 2

Smack Radio returns to make a statement that it's boring to watch or hear a dj who just plays one record after another.
Mixed, juggled, stabbed, flared and transformed by The Occultist. Check the mixes section.

Noisekick's Verouderingsproces

All resident Smack artists will play at the world's biggest terror event: 
Noisekick's Verouderingsproces, Happydayzz, Culemborg, the Netherlands. 

That's all for now, check the releases for the smack004 and the mixes for The Occultist's smackmix005!

20-03-07 Update

20-03-07 // Update

The website has now been updated. The site didn’t offer a lot of info like some tracklists of the Smack-mixes and confirming or denying rumours about the label and it’s upcoming releases. But because of the label doing well, we felt it’s well worth to add this kind of information.

We received a lot of demo’s from our listeners since we started Smack.
We listened to some interesting stuff and received even more trash.
Plans for Smack Rec. 004 is to compile a release with productions from foreign artists.

Why? Because we get international attention and really liked some of the stuff we heard which was produced by people from abroad.
So, Smack Rec. 004 may contain some tracks from Belgium, France and Russia. Also, Infared from the UK has given point of interest for remixing some tracks from Smack Rec. 001 and 003.

Although we encouraged people to send demo’s of their own, let’s get one thing straight: We are NOT a renoise (or fruity loops) helpdesk, so fuck off and figger it out yourself you bunch of asswhipes, we did it ourselves too you known. Thank you.

Also, there is no such thing as a Smack Rec. mailinglist.
Just check the site on regular base for updates.

To deny another rumour: Our music may be extreme but we’re not extremists in any political or other kind of way.In this world of corruption, fucked up society and industrial warfare it pleases us if people can express themselves and unite by listening to our music in the same way as we express ourselves by producing and performing hard music. Although, even if nobody gave a fuck we would still be doing our shit for ourselves. Therefore, it is hardcore from the heart, whether it’s breakcore, drum ‘n bass, hiphop, speedcore or whatever.

SMACKMIX004 - Sanoicia - Illusions

26-02-07 // SMACKMIX004 - Sanoicia - Illusions

Added a guestmix by Sanoicia called Illusions, 
it’s an experimental flashcore/speedcore/extatone kind of set. 
Check the Mixes section.


La Peste - Locked-In Syndrom
Neurocore - No Return
La Peste - BMWTC
A.I.D.S. - Katog
Neurocore - Mystification Des Astres
Atomhead - SFV 2.0
Neurocore - Oublie Tes Illusions
Lawrencium - Massacre Destruction
Neurocore - Purgatoire Drastique
A.I.D.S. - Katarak
La Peste - Alors Le Doute S'Immiscea
Lawrencium - Proton


Regarding the mixes:

Tracks released by Smack Rec. can more often be found in downloadable mixes through the internet. 
For instance, some tracks by The Occultist and The Untitled are used in mixes done by several artists like Mike-L, Infared and Mister Joker. 

Note: If anyone would like to use our tracks, 
feel free to contact us for receiving wave files instead of mp3 files. 
Check the Contact section. You know the drill don't cha? Fuck Copyright, mp3/wav or whatever kind of shit spreading encouraged!

SMACK003: The Occultist - Amiga Breaks

04-02-07 // SMACK003:The Occultist - Amiga Breaks

The first solo release is out now and offers 6 tracks in the styles breakbeat, drum ‘n bass, hiphop, experimental, speedcore and breakcore in this particular order. 
It earns it’s title because of the many Amiga sounds and samples being used. 
Like some of you may have noticed, Painetration sometimes uses 8 bit Nintendo sounds and 
The Occultist has the same feelings of nostalgia for the good old Commodore Amiga. 
Hexidecimal has that typical Bloody Fist sound and the vocals used in 
The Chaos Engine and Sector One are taken from Amiga videogames. 
The Occultist produces what he produces best and that’s sample-based music. 
Which is why the first solo release is done by him instead of the more vst(i)-using Smack producers, 
trying to build up the sound quality during the (solo) releases. 
Check the Releases section.

The Occultist plays Ondergrondse Herrie 5

13-01-2007 //  The Occultist plays Ondergrondse Herrie 5 - Expeditie Breakcore, Amsterdam. 

Check for the live recorded mp3, info and more pictures.

Smack Records 002

08-01-07 // Smack Records 002

Finally, the second Smack Rec. release is out now and like the first one it contains 4 tracks. 
The Untitled, The Occultist and Painetration aimed for a more frenchcore-style release this time. 
And it starts of with an breakcore orientated track done by Arkoff. 
Check the Releases section.

04-11-06 // SMACK Mix 002:The Untitled - The Surrounding Darkness

04-11-06 // SMACK Mix 002:The Untitled - The Surrounding Darkness

Added a mix done by The Untitled which contains half an hour of drum ‘n bass. 
A tracklist is missing, but there are several tunes in it of DJ Hidden, Paul Blackout, Limewax and more..
Check the Mixes section.  

SMACK REC. 001 - Biomechanoid

22-10-06 // SMACK REC. 001 - Biomechanoid

The first free downloadable release on hits the internet, featuring metalcore-style tracks by The Untitled, The Occultist and Painetration. 

It also contains a track by D-Zire.

Check the Releases section. 

Also, the first Smackmix is released which was live recorded @ Overstuurd,  Berlikum on 30-09-2006, done by Painetration. 

Check the Mixes section.    

Smack Records website launch

3 September 2006
Smack Records website launch.


Plans by The Untitled, The Occultist and Painetration (all three from the Netherlands)
to work on an independent, non-commercial netlabel are being realized.


The Slogan:


Added a mix done by The Occultist

11-12-06 // Added a mix done by The Occultist.

Tune into Smack Radio with this vinylset, building up from breaks to speedcore.
Featuring some scratching and turntable tricks. 
Recorded december 2006 @ Cult's place. 
Check the Mixes section. 


Meanwhile, Smack Records has been added to and accepted 
by the biggest discography archive on the internet, ,
which is very nice for a netlabel which only provides free downloadable mp3’s. 
Thanks to those who added our shit and to Discogs for the support. 
Check .