Presenting our crew:

Resident Smack Rec. producers:

Jacob from Garijp, the Netherlands.
Founder of Smack Records and producer/live-act.
Loves beer, weed, girls and Renoise. More info @

Fred from Harlingen, the Netherlands.
The one and only turntablist from Smack Records.
Loves food, sleeping, vinyl and Renoise.
Has been working with trackers since Octamed on the Amiga.

Jesper from Harlingen, The Netherlands.
Live-act and skipper of profession.
Loves music, sex and drinking beer.
Produces with Fruity Loops and Renoise.

Sanoicia, Infared, Intergalactik Purifier, Okcid, Prima T, Arkoff, D-Zire, Nano.Strike, Exbreaker, Infared aka Tormented Boy, Mike-L, DJ TCO.